Kolbe Coaching

Dr. Armstrong has been certified to coach and consult using the Kolbe System™ She has used this ground-breaking and rapidly developing system since 1990. She finds that knowing your instinctive "M.O." is a very powerful way to begin the process of life/career coaching. Since we tend to receive very little guidance, and may feel that "success" boils down to knowledge, personality, and connections, we can get stuck thinking of life in those limited terms.

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Dr. Armstrong helps clients assess their situation from many angles, including areas of interest, rewarding experiences, unexplored resources/contacts, and "your dream life", "your dream job". She will factor in any other useful data that clients already have, including previous tests/measurements.

She can also administer a personality assessment to help clients map out any tendency they may have which could get in their way. Generally coaching is a time-limited period of sessions which leads to clarifying a decision-making process and deciding on a course of action, with steps and strategies outlined.

Sometimes coaching clients decide on a new path of advanced training and education, or a new career path altogether. Sometimes they get a different angle on how they are viewing and coping with their current job and other elements in their lifestyle, and start a new chapter.

Dr. Armstrong loves to work with people in the creative arts to enhance their ability to tap their own creative process. She finds that creativity is a spigot that artistic individuals rely on, and that many things can block that spigot. She helps individuals to determine what blocks them, and to develop strategies to manage and overcome that.

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Proudly based in Elkridge, Maryland and serving the Kolbe coaching and management needs of Baltimore, Elkridge, Columbia, Bethesda, and Frederick, MD as well as the Washington, DC metro region.