Kolbe Coaching

Dr. Armstrong has coached leaders in business, nonprofits, and colleges. She views the Kolbe System™ as central to effective planning for executives. This starts with administering the Kolbe-A Index, which provides an individual profile of instinctive talents. Dr. Armstrong interprets this information and helps the individual coaching client to see the ways in which their profile affects the way in which they view leadership and manage employees.

From that point, the decision to implement the use of the Kolbe System™ within the company or organization can be considered. That could begin by asking the entire management team to take an Index, after which there can be individual interpretations, or in some cases, a group interpretation as well.

This implementation can be accomplished in a stepwise fashion, with full consideration of the unique needs as well as the practical aspects of using the system in that current environment.

Executive coaching also encompasses a more holistic look at issues of relationships, time management, mind-body aspects of experiencing stress, having productive meetings, managing the demands of multi-level communication, setting boundaries and limits, and defining the commitments which the role demands.

Many businesses and organizations rely on the creative process in accomplishing their mission. Dr. Armstrong consults with leaders about the many ways in which creativity can be nurtured, encouraged and maintained within individual employees, and within teams.

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