How does the Kolbe Coaching system work?

The Kolbe-A is the individual index you take to start the process.

Kolbe CoachingThis is a 20-minute forced-choice index which asks you to predict how you would approach certain tasks and situations. But it is vital that you as yourself "If free to be myself..." before each question. Kathy Kolbe states that we all have learned and been conditioned to look, act and believe in a certain way, and that we may find it hard to peel away those masks to locate our true nature.

You then receive a color multi-page printout of your results.

Your results will be explained in terms of the methods you use to solve problems and approach tasks, when free to be yourself. There are four action modes - Fact Finder, Follow Thru, Quick Start, and Implementor. In each action mode there are three possible methods. Within Fact Finder, we can simplify the facts, explain the facts, or deeply research the facts and be very specific.

Within Follow Thru, we can adapt the details and systems as we go along in a project, we can maintain existing systems regarding handling details, or we can work to create systems which manage details effectively.

Within Quick Start, we can stabilize existing procedures and systems by avoiding unnecessary change and risk, we can modify existing procedures and systems, or we can push to experiment by improvising and innovating.

Within Implementor, we can imagine something without considering three-dimensional practicalities or experiencing it "hands-on," we can restore things in the physical realm so that they are solid and functional, or we can build things in the physical world with great concern for long-lasting quality.

Our results describe where on the continuum we tend to operate, and what we gain from the input of others elsewhere on the continuum. Our uniqueness comes from the combination of methods within our profile.

There are many other tools in the Kolbe System™ The Kolbe-B Index is completed to estimate what instinctive profile seems to be demanded in your current position. This will identify any areas of strain that you experience in your current position, based on what you expect of yourself.

The Kolbe-C Index is completed by your supervisor, and portrays the expectations your supervisor has of you within your position. This will identify any areas of stress experienced when you are trying to perform in ways your supervisor expects.

The Kolbe Index has been translated into several languages other than English. It has also been tailored to measure the instinctive energies of children in different age groups.

There are auxiliary measures regarding expectations in relationships, career coaching, and handling your financial life.

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