Dr. Armstrong works with individuals, couples, and families using a brief therapy approach. She enjoys working with relationship issues in the family, the workplace, or in your social life. Sometimes couples are not ready to come in together. One partner may want to come in to work on underlying issues prior to couples therapy. Sometimes one partner can also make significant changes in the relationship pattern by individual therapy alone.

She works with individuals who are facing decisions or life transitions related to marriage, divorce, children, work, or advanced education. Many levels may be addressed, including your motivation, your instincts, your level of commitment, the balance needed in your life, your confidence, your will to take action, your communication skills, your social support system, your life goals, or your "stuck spots" that may cause you to go into an unhealthy default mode.

She communicates with clients in a straightforward and open way. She finds that symptoms experienced often reflect longer-standing methods of coping with stress and people, which can be changed by finding and practicing new methods learned in sessions.

Dr. Armstrong is trained in Ericksonian hypnosis. She uses Ericksonian strategies to help her patients stay more centered and grounded, to relax, and to create their own positive visualization. She uses couples therapy methods to help improve communication, establish healthier boundaries, and overcome negative cycles in how partners react to each other.

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