Kolbe Coaching

Decades of research show that our instincts are inborn, they are visible in studies of the brain, and they can drive us to great success.

When we are forced to work against our grain, we may adapt but there can be great stress, strain and even negative effects on health.

These instincts drive the methods we naturally use to strive toward a goal or solve a problem.

These instincts are gifts that we can count on throughout life, as they are unchanging.

There are no good or bad instincts, no right or wrong instinctive profile.

Knowing your profile frees you to be yourself and removes the concern that you must be all things to all people.

Knowing your profile frees you from feeling that you should be able to excel in all arenas of life.

It directs you toward collaborating with those who can make the most positive impact on your projects.

It opens you to seeking input from others who bring different talents to the table.

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