This system helps you to:

  • Identify employee talent,
  • Form effective teams,
  • Manage teams and individuals,
  • Select and place employees at all levels.

There are many tools in this system which contain powerful information to realign work teams so they are productive, efficient and have high morale. The manager is given an evaluation regarding leadership style as a first step. The nature of relationships within the organization is then assessed. Work groups are often different than teams. In teams, people rely on each otherís response and output to accomplish a goal - they are interdependent.

There is a team seminar provided to explain to employees what the purpose is of implementing this system within the organization. A synergy report compiles the data from the profiles in a work group and provides a comprehensive picture of strengths, problems and missing methods in that group.

Specific recommendations and strategies are then provided to the management team in terms of more short-term strategies to overcome the problems and missing methods. Longer term strategies will then be presented so that the composition of future work teams is carefully balanced.

The Kolbe System™is fully integrated in many Fortune 500 companies, universities and organizations. This means that it is used to guide the hiring process. It is used to compose work teams to accomplish certain missions and tasks.

The Kolbe System™ meets the standards of the EEOC in terms of laws regarding discrimination. There is no bias in these results related to age, race or gender. The measures have met the standards put forth by the American Psychological Association as well. Full details are available at in the Research and Validation section.

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