"Dr. Armstrong has helped me to understand my conative strengths and to manage the demands of my practice and my business planning."
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  • Is your creativity stifled?
  • Do you feel drained by your job?
  • Does it seem impossible to map out your career?
  • Do you feel your abilities are not fully utilized?
  • Are you struggling to get, and keep the right talents in your business?
  • Are you at odds with your work team about how to move forward?
  • Is your team talented, but
    • Not productive enough?
    • Inefficient in how they work together?
    • Losing momentum?

Dr. Armstrong has powerful tools that will quickly give you the edge you need to counteract these stuck situations. You cannot afford to ignore these predicaments, especially in today's business environment, as they affect your bottom line every day.

She will explain how instinctive energy affects your performance and also how well your work team functions.


Why do instincts matter?

You have a natural method you will use when you approach tasks, and make decisions (that is, when free to be yourself)..This combination of talents:

  • is what you you rely on when there is no map or set of instructions
  • is what you bring to the table in any group effort
  • is most powerful when you know your Kolbe M.O., as you are fully aware of the impact you have in a team situation
  • helps you to welcome the differences in your team, and see the value of everyone's input
  • is most powerful when your team has instincts that are balanced using the Kolbe Systemtm
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Brief Therapy

Dr. Armstrong works with individuals, couples and families using a brief therapy approach. She enjoys working with relationship issues in the family, the workplace, or in your social life. Sometimes couples are not ready to come in together. One partner may want to come in to work on underlying issues prior to couples therapy. Sometimes one partner can also make significant changes in the relationship pattern by individual therapy alone.


Executive Coaching

Dr. Armstrong has coached leaders in business, nonprofits, and colleges. She views the Kolbe Systemtm as central to effective planning for executives. This starts with administering the Kolbe-A Index, which provides an individual profile of instinctive talents. Dr. Armstrong interprets this information and helps the individual coaching client to see the ways in which their profile affects the way in which they view leadership and manage employees.


Life & Career Coaching

Dr. Armstrong has been certified to coach and consult using the Kolbe System™ She has used this ground-breaking and rapidly developing system since 1990. She finds that knowing your instinctive "M.O." is a very powerful way to beginning the process of life/career coaching. Since we tend to receive very little guidance, and may feel that "success" boils down to knowledge, personality, and connections, we can get stuck thinking of life in those limited terms.

Kolbe Coaching

Proudly based in Elkridge, Maryland and serving the Kolbe coaching and management needs of Baltimore, Elkridge, Columbia, Bethesda, and Frederick, MD as well as the Washington, DC metro region.