"Dr. Armstrong's interpretation of my Kolbe-A results gave me a new level of insight. I understand how my innovative energies drive me to develop new approaches to solving problems. I now feel confident that having many projects going at once is not a weakness, but a strength related to my main striving instinct. I think Kolbe-A is the best self awareness tool I have ever tried."

- Robin Kavall,

"Working with Dr. Armstrong and the Kolbe Index has been profound for me. I have always wanted to have my own business and follow a lifelong dream. Discovering my Kolbe Action Modes empowered me to trust my instincts, and recognize what I needed to pursue my passions."

"Dr. Armstrong was excellent at revealing the value of my M.O. and applying it to my personal situation. I have been more effective and confident, and less stressed!"

- Donna Geddes, singer and recording artist

"If your work team isn't working well, try the Kolbe Index. The Kolbe helped me discover my own natural instincts, and how I can function more effectively. With Dr. Armstrong's insights, I developed better tools and strategies to understand our team's unique dynamics and how we can together achieve our strategic goals and objectives."

- Elissa Wise, Project Scheduler
AZ Department of Transportation

"Dr. Armstrong has helped me to understand my conative strengths and to manage the demands of my practice and my business planning. Her down-to-earth feedback and ideas are extremely valuable."

- Diane Huey, LAc, acupuncturist in private practice

"Taking the Kolbe Index has been transforming in the way that I see myself. I always felt I should be able to be excellent in all areas. I realized through Dr. Armstrong's interpretation that I have a lot of strengths in organizing systems. I now feel free to see my best self and to create in the ways that come naturally to me."

- Suzan Nesbitt, LCSW-C, family therapist

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